dal 1985 cucina abruzzese ed ebraica Sefardita

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Award-winning  Chef Walter Potenza rediscovered the art of terracotta cooking in his native Abruzzo. After extensive research in the northern Lazio....specifically in Viterbo chef Potenza brought the perfect composition for red clay into the United States.

After 3 years of searching for terracotta to match the Italian counterpart, the perfect blend was created by using red clay from Massachussets, Georgia and Ohio. Today the pots are made in New England by hand and are a preferred vessel for many chefs across the country who enjoy cooking healthy and wholesome food with flavors of the past.

We have made a step forward in cooking by going back in time. Chef Walter Potenza with a classic Etruria named after the land where the Etruscans lived and created the first terracotta pots for food, oil and wine. Join Mario Batali, Tyler Florence, Mary Ann Esposito, Bradley Ogden,Tony Mantuano, and many more well known Chefs on preparing all baked Lasagne, Vegetables,Terrines, Timballi, Risotti, Legumes, Seafood, Stews, Casseroles, Brodetti, Braising, Roasting as seen on TV Food Network. Recipes from Chef Walter available on request.

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