dal 1985 cucina abruzzese ed ebraica Sefardita

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Since 1985 Potenza Ristorante has been synonymous of quality and accuracy. Proudly awarded with the "Q" as a reflection of Quality throughout the World by Italian Standard, Potenza Ristorante continues in the endeavor of offering the most sophisticated menus to the palates of the most discerning consumers.  Potenza Ristorante was initially opened as Walters Ristorante d'Italia in 1985 in the lovely and quaint town of East Greenwich Rhode Island. Since the, we have changed the name to pay homage of the family name but the mission and the philosophy have remained unaltered, one that protects and promotes the greatness of the true Italian Culinary Richness to the World. We have been assigned the noble title of Italian Culinary Ambassadors by the Italian Government and we forever morally maintain the obligations.


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