dal 1985 cucina abruzzese ed ebraica Sefardita

Dova se magneDdije ce accumbagne

Jewish Ghetto in Venice today


My involvement with Jewish cooking began in 1987 after a family discovery in tracing my ancestry. Growing up in Abruzzo I used to help my father during his political career. In the early part of the 60's my father Alessandro Potenza joined a new-formed political party called "Stella e Corona", Stars & Crowns. It was party launched by the ship builder Achille Lauro in Naples in an attempt to relive the old Monarchy which had been ousted in Italy. Stars & Crowns never achieved the dreamed notoriety and was never in  a majority role, therefore their short-lived presence folded in few seasons.

My father had a nickname "Rabbino", Rabbi, and I became intrigued on this appellation simply because it was a new word I had never heard before.  While in the United States, I began researching the cuisines of the Jews and their long presence in Italy especially after the Inquisition of the 1500 with great discoveries of their history but most of all of the contribution that the Jewish heritage made in the Italian land through culinary. Researching the cuisine of the Jews in Italy has been a quest I am very proud to display, and since then we have been offering their cuisine in all of our operations. We offer special menus, celebrate the major holidays and religiously respect their dietary laws and permissions, and accurately represent the 21 Ghettos in Italy through food and culture. Today, we are one of the few operating establishments in the United States offering this extraordinary cuisine and my intent is to preserve the nobility of the Sephardic culinary culture on its way to extinction.  

Chef Walter Potenza