dal 1985 cucina abruzzese ed ebraica Sefardita

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Antipasti & Soups

Scrippelle M’busses  Traditional soup of capon broth with fresh crepes and Parmigiano from the Province of Teramo

Antipasto Montanaro  Include prosciutto, salami, pecorino cheese, olives, sottaceti vegetables and mushrooms in olive oil

La porchetta alla Camplese  Rosemary roasted pork loin sliced thin, served cold with field greens, olive oil, and pickled vegetables

Casce fritt scamorza Whole milk cheese (scamorza) dipped in batter then fried, served with roasted eggplant.

La Pasta & Le Tjelle / Entrees

Chitarra e pallott  Abruzzo style guitar-cut spaghetti & small meatballs in rich tomato sauce dusted with aged pecorino

Maccarun alla pecorara  Penne with a sauce of pancetta, eggplant, peppers, olives, tomato sauce, zucchini, topped with ricotta

Tagliolini alla Papalina  Named after Pope Celestino V fettuccine with prosciutto, Parmigiano and mushrooms in light sauce

Ravioli all’Aquilana  House-made ravioli filled with fresh ricotta in a sauce of cream, sage, saffron and pecorino

La Tjella The original farmer’s version include layers of potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, onions, celery and peppers,

Tjella d’fregnacce Egg crepes kerchiefs filled with rich sausage sauce-ragu’, topped with provolone cheese, in stone oven

Tjella alla Chietina  Roasted chicken, pork sausages and potatoes, rosemary, garlic, Trebbiano wine

Agnello casce e ove  Lamb shoulder stew cooked in bay leaf, wine and light tomato, topped with egg and cheese

Abruzzo Culinary Experience is designed to transport you to my wonderful region, certainly of the most romantic in Italy. The food and the wines are the reflections of our people and the noble culture of our heritage we so proudly represent. We hope you visit there soon, meanwhile we'll do our best to create everlasting memories for you with our menu tasting experience..  


Choose 1 appetizer and 1 entree.

Dessert from Abruzzo will be complementary served with espresso $ 50 Per person Tax & Gratuity excluded

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