dal 1985 cucina abruzzese ed ebraica STORICA

De Re Coquinaria Apicius

Below are listed some of the items we interchange weekly. Our menu' change very often based on seasonality and territory, as well as special offerings nightly created by Chef Walter. We use sustainable ingredients, locally harvested and purchased. We adhere to strict hygienic and health regulations. We are allergy and health concerns sensitive. Most of our menu can be Gluten - Free modified
We are Diabete and Glycemic intolerance experts.....but most of all we are genuinely concerned about the health of our patrons.


La chitarra di Walter


We do not list all of our menu and ingredients in order to curtail the Culinary Practices of COPY & PASTE adopted by many of the curious restaurants seeking ideas but not able to execute Veritable Italian Cookery as we can. Enough said!


Tuscan Aquacotta soup $8
Classic tomato soup with celery, garlic, Pecorino, finished with a poached egg and family-owned Leccino extra virgin olive oil

Spinaci con gamberetti e carciofini $13
Organic spinach, sauteed with artichokes and shrimp,with lemon, leeks and Umbrian truffle olive oil.

Peperone con fregola, melanzane, e mozzarella $12
Roasted sweet pepper filled with Sardinian cuscus, roasted eggplant, mozzarella and roasted peppers in Bellei Balsamic glaze and Redoro Extra virgin olive oil

Arancini di riso vegetariani $12
Carnaroli rice classically prepared, filled with rich vegetable mousse, breaded and lightly fried in Extra Virgin Redoro, on pool of tomato sauce

Panzanella rivisitata col pollo bio $13

Tuscan classic panzanella salad with greens, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers,organic chicken breast and crusty bread in Redoro EVOO

"Crudo di capesante" $14
New England sea scallops marinated in grapefruit juice and fennel powder blended with Redoro EVOO and poppy 

Crostini di salmone affumicato in casa $13

House-smoked salmon on ciabatta bread crostini with soft-cooked eggs, caper-berries, caviar, avocado oil, and organic greens 

No substitutions,  No cheese on pasta with seafood ~ $3.00 Up-charge on Special Orders

Chef Walters Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil $3.50/oz. ~ Extra bread $2.00 ~ 20% gratuity to parties of 6 or more


Costoletta di maiale  $23
Kurobuta Berkshire bone in pork chop, seared in cast-iron with rosemary, sherry wine, vinegar peppers and bitter apples in rich demi glaze

Pappardelle al ragú di cinghiale  $21
Wild boar and  pork shoulder "Bolognese style", house-made wide-ribbon pasta, melted provola cheese 

Pansoti in salsa di noci  $19
Herb and cheese filled Ligurian ravioli with sauce of toasted walnuts, Parmigiano, capon broth and a touch of light cream.

Risotto con asparagi, zafferano e formaggio caprino  $21
Carnaroli risotto, asparagus, saffron, goat cheese, and Grana Padano, finished with Chianti infused Sale di Sicilia 

Brasato di osso buco e purea di patate $23
Lazy-man boned-out osso buco stew, cooked on low temperature in its own juices, marrow, vegetables trilogy and Barbera wine served with olive oil potato purea infused with truffle Extra Virgin.

Pollo con pesto alla Siciliana $21
Air-chilled (Belle Helen) herb-roasted chicken breast, with Sicilian pesto of Pachino tomato, sheep ricotta, basil, pine nut, Gilroy garlic, EVOO

Spaghetti alla chitarra by night

We make our chitarra every day and pair it with night's condiments. Chitarra is a specialty of my birthplace the Abruzzo Region.

Seafood specials of the evening MP (Market Priced)
We offer seafood specialties nightly in accordance to availability, freshness and top quality. All of our seafood is locally harvested!