dal 1985 cucina abruzzese ed ebraica

De Re Coquinaria Apicius

Below are listed some of the items we interchange weekly. Our menu' change very often based on seasonality and territory, as well as special offerings nightly created by Chef Walter. We use sustainable ingredients, locally harvested and purchased. We adhere to strict hygienic and health regulations. We are allergy and health concerns sensitive. Most of our menu can be Gluten - Free modified
We are Diabete and Glycemic intolerance experts.....but most of all we are genuinely concerned about the health of our patrons.




Pasta e fagioli classica $8
Classic preparation of cannellini beans, prosciutto di Parma, tomato & vegetable broth

Panzanella Toscana  $11
Field greens, house made bread chips, onions, cucumbers, grape tomatoes,Gorgonzola, walnuts (GF)

Peperoni all’Ebraica  $12
Roasted red pepper pouches, roasted eggplant, risotto, baby arugula, mint and toasted pistachios (GF)

Caprino nel coccio di terracotta $10
Baked Vermont goat cheese, our own Federal Hill Sunday Gravy tomato sauce, Carasau bread chips

Frittura di pesce alla Napoletana $14
Fried calamari, sea scallops, shrimp, lemon-vinegar peppers, parsley, mint and dash of white wine

No substitutions,  No cheese on pasta with seafood ~ $3.00 Up-charge on Special Orders

Chef Walters Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil $3.50/oz. ~ Extra bread $2.00 ~ 20% gratuity to parties of 6 or more


Costoletta di maiale  $22
Bone in pork chop, seared in cast-iron with rosemary, sherry wine and vinegar peppers and apples (GF)

Pappardelle al ragú di cinghiale  $21
Wild boar, pork shoulder Bolognese, house-made wide-ribbon pasta, provola  (GF)

Ravioloni farciti con Astice  $25
Lobster ravioli, sea scallops, lobster cream sauce, passato tomato, dash of light cream, herbs

Risotto con verdure di stagionee  $21
Carnaroli risotto, fresh vegetables of the season, white wine, fresh thyme and saffron (GF)

Portafoglio di vitella  $24
Pro-vi-mi veal pocket, prosciutto di Parma, provola, porcini dust, sherry, over a bed of risotto (GF)

Pollo Marengo $22
Air-chilled (Belle Helen) chicken breast, shrimp, crostino, fried egg, lemon, pachino tomato (GF)

Sogliola in “SAOR”  $23
Filet of sole, egg-battered, onions, pine nuts, raisins, sherry vinegar, saffron, baby spinach  (GF)